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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Bayswater

This bag has been a favourite for handbag enthusiast (so basically all females) for around five years now. The classic structure of the Mulberry Bayswater will never go out of style, which is exactly why a celeb carrying the little beauty is only ever a stones throw away.
No wonder handbag companies have jumped on board and have created their own rendition of cult favourite. Ill admit, I didn't even realise I was carrying around my own baby of the Bayswater until today when my friend pointed out the stricking similarities.
I'm definitely not a fan of a knock-off. You know the sort, the cheap yet authentic looking all the same, bags you find in Bali or in the trunk of a creepy guy down some side street. But the ones I found at Collette Accessories look great for the price!

Check them out! There's also a studded version that are insanely chic. I myself have a quilted version which I wasn't able to find on the website.

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  1. If there are any designer bags that you like you can usually find an extremely similar version at Collette :) They seem to be heavily inspired by lots of the big designers. I've seen a lot of these mini bays inspired bags around - the denim quilted one is really cute! :)

    Away From Blue